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Sunday 24 November

*Ticket deal: 3 for £12 on starred events. Call box office for details: 0121 446 3232.

Meet the Playwrights
Join us in the mac bar for a chance to meet and chat with all the writers who have been involved with the Festival this year.

City Melodies (Rehearsed Reading)

by Lorna French
Directed by Tanja Pagnuco of StoneCrabs Theatre Company
Hexagon, £5*

City Melodies image 1Six people. One event that will scar them for life.

Anya arrives in London from Romania with dreams of a good job teaching music and a big flat. Her boyfriend Jamie has musical aspirations of his own.

Miss B is desperate for Cherise to stop with all the street slang and just speak the Queen’s Henglish. But Dawn would be happy if Cherise just said one word, any word, to her after all that’s happened.

And JT? Well JT’s looking up. Always. Dreaming of that one record beating jump that will change his life.

But in one instant all their lives are linked by what they witness and, despite their differing versions of English, they all struggle to articulate the same truth.

Writers’ Relay
Hexagon, £5*

Rehearsal5The Writers’ Relay is the culmination of a performance installation, written and performed by you. A typewriter was set up in the foyer of the Hexagon Theatre, with the aim of creating a play within three days. Writers were able to book slots at the typewriter, taking turns to tell the story. The pages were pinned up on the wall, showing the play as it unfolded. On Saturday night, the script was handed to a director and group of actors. Here are the results.



Capital Festival: Theatre Uncut
Hexagon, £5*

Scissors NOTEXTTheatre Uncut was created to get people thinking, talking and taking action.

The idea is simple. Playwrights are asked to write brand new short plays in response to the current political situation. These scripts are then made available for anyone to perform anywhere rights free for a limited period creating the Theatre Uncut Festival of Mass Action. Theatre Uncut is led by artistic directors Emma Callander and Hannah Price.

To find out how you can get involved please visit