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Industrial Capital

Workshops exploring the nuts and bolts of developing a career as a playwright.

2pm-5pm: Workshop – Playing with Words
Hannah Silva

'The Disappearance of Sadie Jones'An insight into the writing processes and work of Hannah Silva, writer and director of ‘The Disappearance of Sadie Jones’. How are non-Aristotelian plays structured? What happens to character when you’re writing a dream world or a world with no characters in it at all? How can working with a dramaturg support a play’s development? What does producing your own work entail?
A practical workshop for those wanting to explore the power and musicality of language in non-naturalistic plays and performance. We will work with voice and text, rooted in the physicality of the performer and use simple exercises to reveal layers of meaning behind the words and the intersection of poetry and playwriting. The workshop is appropriate for writers, actors, performers and directors of all levels of experience.


10am-1pm: Workshop – Re-Drafting Plays
Caroline Jester
Writing is rewriting. Ever thought your play is finished, but others say just a few more drafts? This workshop will look at practical techniques to apply when re-drafting. Participants will need to bring one scene with them from a play that they are currently working on.
Caroline is a  writer, dramaturg, educator and director and uses playwriting as a tool in many settings. She was Dramaturg and Literary Manager at the Birmingham Repertory Theatre for 12 years and is a Fellow of the Institute of Creative and Critical Writing at Birmingham City University. She is the co author of ‘Playwriting Across the Curriculum’ and the originator of REPwrite, an interactive playwriting zone. She designs playwriting programmes nationally and internationally as well as developing her own writing and directing new work.

2pm: Funding Workshop

Music Studio 1, FREE
Led by Alison GagenACE Relationship Manager Alison Gagen will introduce the new Grants for the Arts project funding scheme and open a discussion on the ways in which writers and theatre-makers can develop and fund their projects. Includes 1-2-1 funding advice.This event is aimed at artists who are in the process of developing a project and are interested in finding out more about Grants for the Arts. Participants are encouraged to look at the website to familiarise themselves with the scheme, so that discussions can be tailored to individual projects, rather than general queries.To book a place, visit the mac website. Please also email with a brief overview of your project and what you hope to gain from the workshop.


10am-1pm: Workshop – Falling into Place
Exploring how location informs dramatic writing
Led by Deborah McAndrew
£10Falling into Place imageA practical workshop looking at the relationship between place and character. Deborah McAndrew’s play Ugly Duck is firmly rooted in the industrial heritage of the West Midlands, and the characters evolve out of that sense of place and community.  Drawing on themes raised by the play, this workshop examines how space in all its forms can help tell the story.

Playwright and Actress, Deborah McAndrew, studied Drama at Manchester University. In her acting career she has worked extensively in television, theatre and radio. She is best known for her role as Coronation Street regular, Angie Freeman, in the 1990s.

Deborah’s many play writing credits include work for Northern Broadsides Theatre Company, Mikron Theatre Company, Octagon Theatre, Bolton, Esk Valley Theatre and New Vic Theatre.


3.30pm-5.30pm: Workshop – Writing for Performance
Performance Studio
Led by Francesca Millican-Slater
My Dearest Girls imageFrancesca writes and makes performances by starting with objects, obsessions, research and everyday stories. With a mix of devising and writing exercises participants will work with generating different ways of interrogating  objects and story telling to work towards a small solo performance at the end of the session. We will be working around themes of the translation of other people’s words, reading between the lines, biography and telling small histories as stories. The workshop will include performing and the reading out of words written.
Workshop participants will need to bring along paper/notebook and something to write with. If you have a tablet internet phone etc…capable of Wifi connection that you don’t mind bringing with you that may be useful.