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The Writers’ Relay

by Catherine Edwards on November 20th, 2013

Tomorrow (Thursday 21 November) sees the launch of our Writers’ Relay, an exciting performance installation taking place in the foyer of the Hexagon Theatre at the MAC in Birmingham. The actors have been cast and will be revealed tomorrow morning. There are still slots available for writers to book a place and contribute to the creation of this unique play.

The Writers’ Relay is half performance installation, half collaborative play. A typewriter will be set up at the mac in Birmingham from 21-23 November, with the aim of creating a play within three days. Writers will be able to book slots at the typewriter from 10am-6pm, taking turns to tell the story. The pages will be pinned up on the wall, showing the play as it unfolds. It’s a chance for writers to work together in creating a new performance piece, and for the audience to see the writer at work. Email for more info and to book your slot.

Writers Relay – Guidelines

  1. Each writer is allocated an hour slot.
  2. Each writer will endeavour to complete at least one page of dialogue or action within the hour on the typewriter provided.
  3. Each writer will be given the list of the 4 characters. The first writer may decide not to introduce all characters at once. Subsequent writers can then introduce the remaining characters. However, writers cannot introduce any more characters than the 4 stipulated. All character information etc will be provided at the start of the writing slot.
  4. The first writer will decide setting, scenario etc. Each subsequent writer can shape this as they see fit or necessary
  5. Please don’t kill characters off as this may cause a lot of confusion when they magically get reintroduced!
  6. The writer can only read the last page of text created and agrees not to read the previously completed pages displayed for the audience.
  7. When the writer is finished they should leave their completed text by the typewriter for the next writer to read. Once the incoming writer has read this and is satisfied, the text will be displayed for the audience.
  8. The writer should feel free to adopt any usual habits when writing e.g. listening to music  (Try to keep it family friendly!)
  9. The writer agrees not to discuss their own contribution with other writers
  10. The writer agrees that Capital has the rights to display, produce and perform the work jointly created during the relay on Sunday 24th November only
  11. Copyright for the work produced during the relay remains with the writers

Email to reserve your space.

Volunteers: If you would like to volunteer to oversee the Writers’ Relay and help set up the installation, please email

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