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5×5: The Writers

Martin Gulbis

Martin has lived in Stourbridge for many years, working at Elmfield Rudolf Steiner School. After writing and adapting many plays for children of all ages to perform, he is realising the opportunity to concentrate on playwriting this year. He is currently working on a play that dramatises the voyage of discovery undertaken by Captain Cook on the ship, ‘Endeavour’, and the encounter with the culture of the South Sea Islands.

His play for 5×5, Emergency Exit, follows a police investigation surrounding a suspicious object.

Lucy Hayward

Lucy was involved in Shrewsbury youth theatre from a young age and developed an interest in community performance and street theatre. In 2006 she was involved in a Birmingham REP performance encouraging children with learning and social difficulties to express themselves through dance and music. Lucy completed her degree in 2010 whilst working at the Rose Theatre and devising and helping run a selection of youth inspired projects across Surrey. She gained a role in a production directed by Ray Shell and through this discovered the MPhil Playwriting at Birmingham University.

In 2012 she has played a role in The Stories That Shakespeare Knew at The Mac which was also featured in The RSC’s Open Stages Showcase.

Madeleine Levy

Madeleine studied BA Hons English and Drama at Queen Mary, University of London where she honed in on her talent for script-writing. Her first play, Knocking Over the Chair, was performed in February 2010 in the Pinter Studio at QMUL.

Toward the end of her undergraduate degree in London, Madeleine began to fully acknowledge her passion for writing plays, and returned to Birmingham to embark upon an MPhil course in Playwriting Studies.

Madeleine’s play, Acceptance, is a social, political dystopian drama. Set in the future, it questions what would happen if drugs were legalized.

Jonathan Lloyd

Jonathan is a former Acting graduate of Bath Spa University.

He subsequently studied at the University of Birmingham for a Masters in Creative Writing. Inspired by his work on this course, Jonathan is now working towards an MPhil in Playwriting Studies. Whilst in Birmingham, he has pursued many acting and writing projects. The most recent of these are his appearance in Rambling Heart’s The Stories That Shakespeare Knew, performed at the RSC Open Stages Showcase 2012, and writing the libretto for the Aria, Freedom, for the Welsh National Opera.

Jonathan is delighted to be involved in the Capital Festival and its promotion of new talent within the city. His short play,Where from here?, exposes the consequences of radicalism on the vulnerable and impressionable youth of British society and on the families those young people leave behind.

Abigail Rahman

Originally from Oxford and now living and studying in Birmingham, Abigail is currently working towards an MPhil in Playwriting Studies at The University of Birmingham. This has exposed her to some exciting opportunities and challenges in writing for theatre, including this one for Capital Festival.

Much of her previous writing has been inspired by personal stories through people met or conversations heard, confirming her belief that stories should be told about interesting lives and that all lives are interesting.

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