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5×5: The Plays

Where from here?
by Jonathan Lloyd
Directed by Robert Ball

Set outside the shed, Where from here? shows a couple coming to terms with their changing family unit.


On His Return
by Abigail Rahman
Directed by Zelda Hannay

In fifteen minutes we witness fifteen years through a mother waiting for her son to return from war. Set in a restaurant/bar we see Mrs Williams struggle to accept the unfortunate consequences of her actions. On His Return explores the themes of loss, misjudgement and lamentation.

The Reality of Faith 

by Lucy Hayward
Directed by Clare Eames

The Reality of Faith explores the pressures and opposing priorities between the reality TV generation and the older, parental generation. Raw and to the point, it emphasises how disposable and easily replaced all those involved are and how those who seem in a weaker position can often have the upper hand.

Emergency Exit
by Martin Gulbis
Directed by Robert Ball

Emergency Exit uses the theatre’s stairwell as the setting for a tense encounter late at night on a railway bridge. Two police officers are dispatched to investigate when two young people are sighted upon the bridge, a few days after an object was dropped on a passing train.

by Madeleine Levy
Directed by Daniel Piaszczyk

Acceptance is a social, political dystopian drama. The play is set in the future and questions what would happen if drugs were legalized. The play consists of three male and two female characters. The two male protagonists are of opposing views over drug legalization and the play reveals the devastating consequences of the decision to legalize class A drugs.

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