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Rehearsed readings of three plays to enable writers to test out new work in front of an audience. Extracts will be performed across three nights, exploring the moral trade-offs that people make in pursuit of the greater good.

by Helen Kelly

Finola’s brother was killed in Belfast in 1985.  Twenty five years later Finola is trying to get her daughter into one of the top faith schools in Birmingham.  As the ‘free schools’ legislation promises an explosion of faith schools of every religion and denomination, Catchment Christians explores whether the segregation of our children in the school system breeds deadly cultural conflict, or is it far more complicated than that…

by Deborah McAndrew

Dennis Hancock wouldn’t win any beauty competition. A life long Port Vale fan, Dennis is rapidly declining in middle-age and inexorably sinking into the ranks of the long term unemployed. And, if this wasn’t enough, he’s just a little bit racist.

In desperation he answers an advert in the local paper for an artist’s life model. But when Katherine Drosdzowski, the daughter of a Polish immigrant, begins to paint him, he exposes himself in more ways than one…

by Ged McKenna

Teenager Richie was devastated when his older brother Raymond killed himself after his childhood sweetheart left him and took their children. She’s dead now and the kids are back in town with their maternal grandmother. Older and wiser, Richie will do anything he can to make sure Ray’s teenage son Gerry avoids the heartache which drove his Dad to suicide. When the lad unexpectedly announces his engagement, Richie comes up with a plan which shakes the foundations of several relationships and causes those around him to think about who they are and what they need and if Richie, who always has a strategy, is as wise as he thinks he is.